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Alison Hightower Suttle


Everyone desires to capture special moments in time. Artist Alison Hightower Suttle does just that in her primitive memory paintings that she has been creating since 1988.

A native Texan, Alison is from a long line of story tellers. She captures stories, events, celebrations, relationships and family histories on canvas. Her commissioned pieces start with research, information shared through photographs, stories, location visits, drawings and memories. Then she weaves the story on canvas in her colorful signature folk style reminiscent of Grandma Moses.

Alison has created detailed commission pieces for clients all over the world. She loves working closely with people and because of this is able to capture the essence or the occasion or celebration in her very personable style. Examples of her work show the scope can range from a family history painting with numerous vignettes and relative narrative to a more simple painting that contains only one specific place in time. Each painting is unique in style and tells it's own personal story.

Special event paintings depicting weddings, school events, business celebrations and any other "special day" can be created by the artist. Paintings can be reproduced in the form of personal greeting cards, invitations, business cards, etc.


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